DANIKEN photography | What to Expect :)

What to Expect :)

February 14, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

If there is one thing I want my clients and potential clients to know, it's what to expect when you book a session with DANIKEN photography. With me, Mandy.  I'm not like department store or strip mall photographers.  You won't get the same backdrop, with the same "sit like this" & "pose like that" sessions that all the other clients get. My clients get a one of a kind session so we can create photo art to display in your home. Your photos reflect who you are.  You get to choose what you want out of your session.

Let me show you an example of what I mean. Look at the pure joy on these kids' faces!  And how awesome is it that their grandma gets to put this art up in her kitchen for everyone to see?  These are memories to last a lifetime for the kids, the parents, and the grandparents.  Every time someone walks into Grandma's kitchen, they get to see these photos and she gets to brag about her precious grandchildren.

  There was not one meltdown for this photoshoot. (Disclaimer: results may vary.)  Did we make a huge mess? Yes!  Did it take just as long to clean up as it did to take the photos? Yes! Did we have fun? Yes! Was it worth it? YES! 

I absolutely love creating photoshoots that cater to each client. If you're a family that likes to hunt, lets do a shoot (see what I did there?) and incorporate your shotguns and rifles.  Is watermelon your toddler's favorite fruit?  Let's do a session of your toddler chowing down on some watermelon, surrounded by watermelon!  Do you have a child obsessed with Lego's?  Let's do a session of him or her laying in a sea of Lego's! Your photos are your wall art that goes up in your home.  Lets make it about you!





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