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Wave at the Waves!

June 20, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I absolutely LOVE repeat clients!  I have lived in Ocean Springs, Mississippi for less than a year now. Guess how many people I knew when we rolled into town.  Go ahead...guess.  That's right, none...ZERO!  Guess what else that meant.  That's right, no clients!  My previous clients were over 14 hours away in Virginia Beach! But that didn't keep me from trying to set up my photography business here.  

My first real client here in Ocean Springs was Cathryn.  I actually met her at Planet Fitness.  She gave me my first training session.  I needed to whip my butt back into shape after eating out so much during our move.  She had an ear to ear smile on her face.  She was super friendly and talked about a mile a minute.  It may have been the 3rd cup of coffee talking, but she made the session fun and it went by super fast.  She's the first person I had ever seen drink coffee during a workout!  In her defense, she had already done her workout and she was just coaching me.  I'm probably exaggerating on the amount of coffee, too ;)

My first session with her was a few months back.  I had the priveledge of photographing her soon-to-be two year old, Charlie.  He was a busy little guy!  I remember when we were done, she was a little worried that we didn't get many good shots because he was on the move so much.  Charlie did not sit in his chair with his bear like we had planned, but we were able to get some adorable candids and capture the little guy's personality! Seriously, how cute is he?!

Fast forward a few months:  Last week I had the priveledge of being able to photograph not only little Charlie, but the whole family.  That included their 6 year old Golden Retriever, Leon!  I couldn't believe he was about to be 6 years old.  He has such a sweet little puppy face!

I had a blast photographing them.  I'm pretty sure Charlie had a good time, as well.  He got to run up and down the beach, kicking up sand.  He got to draw in the sand and on mini chalkboards (just his size). He loved picking flowers, too.  I find it hilarious that little kids, especially toddlers, love to pick flowers ( or weeds...all the same to them).








I'd have to say, though, that one of my favorite moments was when his dad said, "Look at the waves, Charlie.  Do you see the waves?"  And Charlie stood there for a minute staring at the water.  It's like you could see his little mind working.  Then he started waving.  We were like, what is he doing? It gave us a chuckle.  Oh the mind of a two year old!  

Wave at the waves...mind blown!















Here's the thing I have learned.  When doing a photoshoot with a toddler, sometimes it's best to let the toddler lead the photoshoot.  Gasp!  Let a toddler be in charge? But honestly, when we stop demanding or even asking a toddler to pose or do something specific, we get the best photos!  This was all Charlie! He led his parents to this log.  He sat down.  He put his hand on daddy's leg and looked at me.  Good job, Charlie!  You are awesome!

I seriously look forward to our next photoshoot!  This family is amazing! And if you need a personal trainer, look Cathryn up! You won't be disappointed!


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